Thank you for your emails and calls opposing the project! Thank you for your financial support!

Opposition is continuing to grow!

On Tuesday June 25, 2013 the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (CTA) board approved $10 million in funding
for the project, under the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) program. MTA is seeking an additional $8 million from other
sources, including San Francisco Proposition K funds. The money could be much better used for Muni, BART, maintaining
and repairing our streets, fixing potholes, improving disability access, paratransit and other transportation projects.

This does not mean our fight is over. This project is not a done deal. At this point, the project is
not yet in the detailed design stage.

Even if you have already done so, please continue to e-mail and call Mayor Lee, Supervisors London Breed,
Eric Mar and Mark Farrell, the full Board of Supervisors, MTA, the CTA, and the Metropolitan Transportation
Commission (MTC).

The Masonic project will go before the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in September. The MTC Programs
and Allocation Committee will meet on the morning of September 11, 2013 to consider OBAG projects, including Masonic.
The full MTC will consider OBAG projects on September 25, 2013. Meetings are held at the Metro Center,
101 Eighth Street, Oakland. Members of the public are entitled to comment at the meetings, so it's imperative that
you attend the meetings.


Most of the Masonic project falls in Supervisorial District 5. Parts of the project are in Districts 1 and 2.
The Supervisors of these districts are:

District 1 Eric Mar 415.554.7410
District 2 Mark Farrell 415.554.7752
District 5 London Breed 415.554.7630

Also contact:

District 3   David Chiu 415.554.7450
District 4   Katy Tang 415.554.7460
District 6   Jane Kim 415.554.7970
District 7   Norman Yee 415.554.6516
District 8   Scott Wiener 415.554.6968
District 9   David Campos 415.554.5144
District 10   Malia Cohen 415.554.7670
District 11   John Avalos 415.544.6975
Supervisors David Campus and Scott Wiener are also MTC commissioners.

MTC contact information:   MTC phone: 510-817-5700
To contact the MTC send an email to   and ask thqt it be forwarded to the Commisisoners.


MTC Chair Amy Rein Worth
MTC Executive Director Steve Heminger
Also contact Mayor Lee, MTA and the CTA

  Maria Lombardo, Interim Exec. Director, SFCTA 415-522-4802

  Tilly Chang, Deputy Director for Planning, SFCTA 415-522-4832

  Edwin Lee, Mayor of SF, 415-554-6141

In your emails and phone calls, please give your name and street address. They need to hear that you live in the general immediate area. Explain how you will be negatively impacted by the project.

If you are a cyclist, please state that. We have many cyclists in our group. The issue is not about
cars vs. cyclists. This matter is about a flawed and dangerous plan.

Get others involved, email your neighbors,
direct them to the site

Thank you and keep up the fight!